What planet are BBC weathercasters on?

Courtesy of the BBC

I sometimes wonder what planet some of our TV weathercasters are on, what exactly is their problem with places outside England? I can assure Chris Fawkes that it’s been another lovely sunny morning in the north of Scotland as well as in England. He’s seems so caught up with the current heatwave, and now the thunderstorms that he can’t provide a balanced forecast for the whole country. I can understand that we all get excited my extreme temperatures and weather but the two minutes he has he seems to spend on his priorities instead of presenting a forecast for the whole UK, and when he does this which is usually frequently, places get left without a mention at all. It may be that Meteogroup encourage their presenters to be like this when what they should be doing is lobbying newsroom producers for extra time to enable them to add extra topical content to the forecast. I may have it all wrong of course and the weathercasters are given free rein by the BBC to present the weather just how they want, either way it isn’t working.

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