What stops the Spanish doing it again?

Maximum Gusts in KPH

It maybe that the Spanish are a bit upset about shortly losing the right to fish in UK territorial waters post Brexit that they named storm Jorge and trumped Met Eireann just for the hell of it, I don’t know. But what’s to stop exactly the same thing happening again in the future? As far as I can see if AEMet expect coastal communities in Galicia to experience a spell of strong winds with gusts in excess of 80 kph and issue an amber alert this may well trigger the naming of a storm even though the storm center may be over 1500 kilometres away as has happened with storm Jorge.

Courtesy of AEMet

So far today the highest gust at the observation from the city of La Coruña and it’s airport was an amazing 46 knots reported in their 03 & 06 UTC SYNOPs.

06 UTC SYNOP report for 08001 La Coruña

I may well be decoding the SYNOP observations for La Coruña incorrectly because my decoder looks at the final nine group and interprets the 91146 as a maximum gust of 46 knots. The gusts certainly don’t fit in with any of the 10 minute mean in any of its hourly reports. As far as I can see AEMet have named storm Jorge on the strength of winds of Beaufort four or five, meanwhile at Mace Head on the coast of Galway in Ireland 1500 kilometres to the north winds were gusting to hurricane force 13 at 12 UTC which really did merit an alert..

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