Whats going on at Svalbard?

Well the simple answer to the question of what’s happening to temperatures at Svalbard is that they are rapidly increasing, particularly in autumn and winter. The warming – or would it be more politically correct to use the word heating – trend that’s been going on during the winter months is astonishingly high at +1.65°C per decade since 1965, autumn’s are much lower but still running at +0.97°C per decade.

CRUTEM data courtesy of UKMO

So how have temperatures been doing so far in 2019 at Svalbard. Here’s a chart using reanalysis data that shows the mean temperature in that region. As you can see although anomalies have settled down now in summer they have been above average for long spells through the winter and spring. These large positive anomalies are probably the result of the Arctic pack ice that usually surrounds these islands being missing especially in the Greenland sea to the east.

Data courtesy of NCEP Reanalysis
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