What’s happening down at Gobblers Knob?

Today, the second day of February is Candlemas, which also means it’s Groundhog Day down at Gobblers Knob in PunxsutawneyPennsylvania. Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow as he emerges from his burrow, and promptly turn around and head back down it for another six weeks of hibernation to escape the cold? Or will he fail to see his shadow because it’s cloudy and remain above ground because he anticipates an early spring? The only way to forecast what will happen is by means of the latest visible satellite image of that part of the eastern United States. Well it looks pretty cloudy across Punxsutawney this morning at 8:41 am, some of that could be high cloud of course, but it looks to me that there’s a good chance that Phil might not see his shadow this morning and so predict an early spring at least for Pennsylvania.

Courtesy of NOAA & NWS


I was a bit slow onto this story and have just found out that Phil somehow did manage to see his shadow this morning, so it looks like we (or should I say they) are in for six more weeks of winter. Apparently because of COVID-19 this years were all done virtually whatever that means.

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