What’s this 15 cm of partly cloudy in my Garden?

The Met Office got caught out by an area of snow over higher ground that moved south late yesterday evening from northern Scotland. The feature has stood out clear enough in the NWP for a couple of days, so it was more a case of it just being overlooked. One of the high spots on the A9 south of Inverness is the notorious Slochd summit which must have been quite hazardous for a while this morning with 15 cm of snow. The emergency yellow warning was issued at 0245 UTC this morning. I would have thought from the many pictures of the overnight snow that I’ve seen, that it merited both a higher probability and a higher impact in the matrix, but I’m sure there’ll be a good reason why it wasn’t.

Courtesy UKMO
Courtesy Twitter

2 thoughts on “What’s this 15 cm of partly cloudy in my Garden?”

  1. 1saveenergy

    See, Chicken Little was right all along, the sky really is falling !!!

    10:30 Sunny with clouds on Anglesey; 8.7°C but a cold north wind (feels like zero)

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