Where do they get these names from?

“Now coming in to its sixth year, the Name our Storms collaboration has been helping to raise awareness of the potential impacts of severe weather before it arrives. Similar to previous years, the 2020/2021 list has been compiled from names suggested by the public along with names that reflect the diversity of the three nations”.


The names for the storms for the 2020-21 season may have been suggested by members of the public from each of the “three nations”, that’s assuming that we can still merge the Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish under the ‘British’ banner without treading on too many toes, but why is it that only one of the twenty one names in the list feature in the top-ten most popular Christian names for each of the countries in the scheme? I would have thought that they should have least included Noah which features in two of the lists and would have proved to very popular with the headline writers. Personally, probably because of my cloistered upbringing, I have never heard of six of these names, and will have severe problems pronouncing at least a couple of them. And what’s wrong with Minnie or Layla? And what about Vincent as opposed to Vince, when Vinnie would have been a lot more threatening.

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