Wildfires in Siberia once again

I notice that the satellite image for todays Copernicus Image of the day shows wildfires have broken out in parts of Siberia once again this year. According to Copernicus a state of emergency has been declared following multiple #wildfires in 5 districts of the Tyumen region of #Siberia. It’s amazing just how quickly this part of Russia can switch between winter and summer.

Originally tweeted by 🇪🇺 DG DEFIS #StrongerTogether (@defis_eu) on 12 May 2021.

Don’t forget as I did, that Siberia covers a massive area of Russia and is far distant from the worst of where the wildfires occurred last year.

Although I did notice that its been pretty warm again in some parts of central Siberia so far this May. What they are sorely in need of is are some of the showers that we have across IONA at the moment.

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