Winds veer into east as SSW gets underway


So it looks highly likely that an SSW event will get underway for the start of the New Year, the Met Office reaffirming today what many people had already noticed was happening high in the atmosphere above the Arctic in recent days. And right on cue the winds in the rather cold northerly airstream that we have at the moment across IONA are forecast to veer from the north and into the east as we go into the first week of January 2021, that’s according to the midnight run of the Hires ECMWF model. Although Paul Davies at the UKMO does add a cautionary note saying that all SSW’s don’t necessarily lead to colder than average conditions, the latest model output strongly suggest that it will.

“It’s important to note that not all SSWs lead to colder-than-normal conditions over the UK and there are other global weather factors that can impact our winter weather” 

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Davies

2 thoughts on “Winds veer into east as SSW gets underway”

  1. The veer to an Easterly flow is unrelated to the SSW which is just starting to happen now. It takes at least a couple of weeks for SSW effects to percolate down into the troposphere. There has been a pre-existing cold cyclonic block over the UK (since 28th December) which is going to undergo some re-orientation triggered by jet shape in the western Atlantic. So the veer to Easterly that we will see is just a coincidence.

    1. Thanks Mark for reminding me.
      I realise that there’s a lag between what happens high up in the atmosphere and any effects it may have down on the surface.
      I also realise that an SSW is not always a precursor to a cold spell and that’s what’s worrying me.
      As a blogger you sometimes have to cram a couple of ideas into a pithy headline, and spice it up a bit at the same time!

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