“Wintry showers” causing problems further south

If anything last night was colder than Friday night, lighter winds meant better conditions for radiative cooling, allowing people further south to experience the cold that’s persisted since Sunday night (bar Thursday am) across northern areas. There was a severe frost across large parts of the Highlands, with an extreme minimum temperatures of -8.7°C at Tulloch Bridge and anomaly of -10°C in the SYNOP reports.

Anomalies are starting to look a lot like minimum temperature

Frequent and at times heavy snow showers will affect the area this morning. Snow is most likely to accumulate on roads over the North York Moors, where 2-5 cm of snow is possible within a couple of hours.

UKMO (0159 UTC Sunday 11 April 2021

Wintry showers as TV weathercasters like to call them, have been causing problems further south overnight. The UKMO had to rush out an early morning for snow falling across the North Yorkshire moors this morning. It’s strange how the number of snow warnings issued by the UKMO seems to correlate inversely with the distance north of Watford the snow is expected, similar snow showers across more northern areas in the last couple of days never got a mention.

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