Yesterday’s sea breeze along the Moray coast

Well yesterday’s sea breeze did finally come ashore along the Moray coast, but it left it till well after 16 UTC at Lossiemouth and at nearby Kinloss it never really managed to shake it off at all (maximum 18.4°C). When it did finally relent at Lossiemouth the temperature at 18 UTC shot straight up to 25.0°C. That was because there had been a large volume of foehn induced warm air backing up north of the Cairngorms finally flooded northward. As far as I can see after a quick look at the circulation across Scotland yesterday, it was probably the high temperatures across the central highlands helped it happen by forming a small heat low which eventually allowed the NE’ly flow to veer around to the southeast during the late afternoon.

This is very reminiscent of Tuesday the 1st of May 1990, when a similar sea breeze along the Moray coast finally broke down in mid afternoon letting temperatures at Lossiemouth to jump to a maximum of 27.4°C. I notice that record of warmest first of May for anywhere in the UK still stands. At the time, the temperature rise of well over 10°C in an hour at Kinloss did provoke a telephone call from CFO at Bracknell to check on the validity of one of the observation.

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