Hail storm in Guadalajara

The news of a “freak” hail storm in Guadalajara seems to be making the headlines in today’s news. The BBC news even had the weather presenter Ben Rich gesticulating madly to describe just how hail is formed in a cumulonimbus cloud. The trouble is that the news item gave you no real information about what actually happened – how can nearly a metre and a half of hail fall on the city of Guadalajara?

I believe what happened – and I could be wrong here – is that heavy rain carried large quantities of floating hail which left behind deep hail drifts as the flood water subsided. It always appears that feet of hail fell in certain location when its the accumulation of hail from a much wider area. What it reminded me of was a thunderstorm that affected Ottery St Mary in 2008 leaving similar deep drifts of hail in parts of the town.

There was a similar picture of drifts of hail from a severe thunderstorm in a street in Tunbridge Wells in the 1950’s if my memory serves me correctly, and after a quick Google search here it is!

Tunbridge Wells August 1956 – Courtesy of KentLive
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